Anabol – Methandrostenolone 5mg/100 tabs


Steroids are popular, not only among bodybuilders, but also among those who desire to have more physical strength, such as boxers, basketball players, and other athletes. This is not to say however, that all athletes, professional or not, resort to steroids. But it is true that a steroid such as Dianabol can seem very, very attractive because its use is equivalent to gaining body strength and increasing muscle mass.

For those reasons, bodybuilders are among the ones who have taken Dianabol orally, or through an injection. Dianabol became very useful to bodybuilders, helping them with their endurance while lifting weights and supplementing other body building activities.


BD ANABOL 5MG 100 TABS is a steroid for oral administration that exerts significant effect on the proteins metabolism. Methandrostenolone, which is a part of BD Anabol, is an oral steroid that exerts significant effect on the proteins metabolism. It stimulates the production of protein by the body, thereby contributing to its accumulation in the tissues. It normalizes the nitrogen balance in the athlete’s body and leads to good results in sports. Also, intake of calcium and its accumulation in the bone is increased. Methandrostenolone was introduced to the market in 1960 and it quickly had become a popular and widely used anabolic. The drug exerts strong anabolic and androgenic effects, which are expressed by gains in strength and muscle mass. It acts quickly and on point. It has been frequently reported that BD Anabol promotes increase of body weight up to 1-2 kg per week during the first six weeks of usage. Weight gain happens due to the growth of muscle tissue, and in particular, a significant accumulation of fluid in the body. The drug is slightly converted into estrogen, therefore sometimes it is recommended to use anti-estrogen drugs, such as tamoxifen or Proviron. The range of doses of anabolic is rather wide – from 10 mg to 100 mg per day. Accordingly, the effective dose for athletes is 10-50 mg / day. Those who did not take steroids before, can start with 30 mg daily and increase the dosage if they don’t feel a significant increase of weight. This amount is sufficient to achieve desired results. When the effect of the drug starts weakening (mainly because receptors of steroid receive high load and can no longer perceive it), but the athlete wishes to prolong the effect, an injectable drug such as a Deca or Primabolan can be used at a dose of 200 mg per week and gradually reduce the dose of methane. The half-life of methane is only 3.5 – 4.5 hours, because to maintain the concentration of drug in the blood it is necessary to take it at least twice a day, preferably three times. Methandrostenolone is an alkylated drug, so it is recommended to take pills during the meal to avoid the negative impact of the drug on the stomach. It is noteworthy that on the third day after the discontinuation of Dianabol course no traces are detected in the blood. Therefore, doping tests show negative results. The maximum drug concentration in the blood is reached after 1-3 hours after administration. Taking 10 mg of Dianabol increases testosterone levels in the men blood by five times, compared with the norm. The high efficiency of the drug is explained by the decrease of endogenous cortisone production by 50-70%. Thus, methane reduces the amount of protein breakdown in muscle cells. Although methane has a lot of potential side effects, they are rare at a dosage not exceeding 50 mg a day. Since the drug contains alkyl radicals, it significantly affects the liver. At high doses and long courses it is toxic to the liver. However, for a healthy liver, this stress is not dangerous. Methandrostenolone increases body weight due to accumulation of fluid in the body, so it may induce increase of the blood pressure and palpitations. It is recommended to use tamoxifen or Proviron, since methane is converted to estrogen, and in some cases it may cause gynecomastia or exacerbate already existing one. The high androgenic properties may stimulate the sebaceous glands, which leads to the appearance of rash on the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders. But despite of this, many users of methandrostenolone feel good, they have increased appetite, and in most cases their confidence is boosted.