Testosterone is a hormone that is generated naturally in mammals, both male and female, although the quantum is more so for males. It is generated in the testicles of males and in the ovaries for females. There are many instances in which the male human body develops tendencies to produce below normal levels of testosterone, a problem medically referred to as hypogonadism. When natural testosterone is not sufficient within a body it can lead to various abnormalities in bodily functions such as muscle growth, development of genitalia, bone mass, libido etc. It can also create problems such as delayed puberty and development of related male sexual characteristics. The usual line of treatment for this is in the form of administration of synthesized versions to replace the lack of natural testosterone. While athletes and individuals with focus on athletic sports are associated with such steroidal hormone therapy, there are many others who stand to benefit with this treatment provided the correct administration and therapy treatment is followed.


Testosterone-based steroids are generally one of the best basis for any typical steroid cycle because they are considered some of the most basic hormones for performance enhancement. This product features a strong positive androgenic nature and a potent anabolic nature. Athletes can see big gains when it comes to the overall strength and size of their muscles. The product also works very well to improve athletes libido. Negative side effects related to estrogen are somewhat of a concern while taking this type of product. Users that regularly experience issues with this type of product will want to combat the symptoms with the help of anti-Estergens like Arimidex and Nolvadex. A proper PCT program will also need to be put in place after a cycle using this product to ensure that all of your performance gains are sustainable over time. Using a combination of Clomid, HCG and Nolvadex will work to maintain your results and ensure that your body can once again produce it’s natural hormones. The recommended dosage on this product is 250-1000 mg each week for men. This product should not be taken by women.